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Kicking things off with a solid strategy

At the core of every Afrika Dynamics project lies a concrete strategy. Whether we are designing a new  logo, a memorable brand identity, an effective and delightful user experience that doesn’t isn’t in the coding and digital labeling sector, every project starts with a plan.

We worked closely with the OSKAR GADGETS leadership team to develop user profiles, journeys and stories, then applied these to a new navigation structure and information architecture.

our branding services

Branding On Point

It all starts with building a series of user personas of your clients and building your brand identity based on what your clients will like and find memorable vs your business values and tone of voice to create a final brand that satisfies all objectives.

Oskar Gadgets brand fonts and colors
Oskar Gadgets logo showcase

Social Media Graphics

With more and more of businesses focusing on social media now. Afrika Dynamics provides a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating and publishing effective social media graphics that captures the attention of the audience on multiple social media platforms.

Oskar Gadgets Social Media graphics

Consistent Branding

Your brand isn’t only what is on your website and other digital platforms but also includes all your offline assets. Afrika Dynamics makes sure that all your offline marketing collateral is consistent with your digital assets so that your clients can see one brand identity whether they find you online or not.

Oskar Gadgets stationary