To help your business and your product or service offerings to stand out, our branding services and continuous collaboration with you will result in a brand identity that is unique to you, brand guidelines that will help you stay consistent and a great logo design to be proud of.

Logo Design

Logos play an important role for a business from a start up to a large established business. It is a symbol people can associate your products or service. At Afrika Dynamics we provide new designs for businesses looking to create a logo from scratch or update their existing logo. It is where your brand starts and we will work with you in getting the write design that combines your vision and philosophy as a business with your product or service offering.

Brand Identity

A logo is your symbol but having a brand identity to go with it makes your logo and business stand out even more. Fonts, your brand colors and other elements play a bigger role in how you stand out from the competition and it helps deliver your values and your products or services to your customers, your partners and employees. Your branding will be present through out your business from business website, business cards, brochures to office stationary and uniforms.

Brand Guidelines

Branding is a challenge, enforcing it across a business is even harder. We can provide brand guidelines that can be incorporated in to your internal processes to keep your brand identity consistent through out your business. It will help ensure that everyone in your business or your external partners understand your identity.

Graphic Design

Providing you innovative graphic designs for your social media content and marketing collateral such as brochures, leaflets & newsletters that fit your brand identity and brand guidelines.

Brand Strategy

We will collaborate with you in getting your branding aligned with your business strategy. Develop all the the tools you will need to communicate the brand to your clients and strengthen your newly developed or updated brand.

Let Us Start the Journey Together