About Us

A creative web design company in Africa, that believes everyone can have a great brand identity and a website that is beautifully designed, mobile friendly, well branded and affordable. We advocate our values and how we work so that every member knows they are part of a great community.

Our Values

our values




what we do


our values


what we do


How We Work

what we do

I. Our Members are our Partners

Lightseid Community Members are our partners and the best websites are created when we are a single team with common goals. Our success starts with us sitting on the same side of the table as our members.

II. Success Driven Design

We believe in pinpointing the intersection between business goals & user goals so that websites are designed to bring them together.

III. Unapologetically Transparent

Open and transparent communication is a critical element for successful websites.

IV. Quality Over Quantity

It is our job to make the best websites possible. We take on less work so we can do our best work.

V. Prototyping

We don’t believe in a strict number of revisions. Great websites require hard work, iterative development/testing and open collaboration with our members.

VI. Hassle Free

We will be your one point of contact for everything related to your website.

VII. Peace of Mind

We provide hosting and technical support for your website.

Let Us Start the Journey Together